Borderlines 2017


Authors on 2017

  • Caitlin Davies - "It must be such incredible hard work, but you bring happiness to so many people. It was a wonderful, welcoming festival, with a great audience and venue."
  • Jenny Uglow - "What a brilliant festival - many congratulations to all involved." 
  • Hunter Davies - "Well done on the triumph." 
  • Sinclair McKay - "I have been raving about Borderlines ever since I got back - what a terrific festival. The audiences were perfect: great questions, very engaged. And the organisation was brilliant." 
  • John O'Farrell - "Thanks for a really enjoyable event, Carlisle! A huge turnout and a great response. A great, well- run festival. I'll recommend it to other authors." 
  • Roger Bolton - "Congratulations on a brilliant festival and thank you for your hospitality. I had a wonderful time." 
  • Amanda Owen - "Your hospitality was superb. What a lot of hard work must go into the organising and clearly you had thought of everything as it all ran so smoothly."
  • Jenn Ashworth - "Thank you for a really amazing, wonderful, enjoyable time... the hotel and dinner were fantastic and the workshop participants were such an interesting, ambitious and creative bunch."
  • Jo Baker - "It's a lovely festival. I had a fab time and anytime you want me back, I'm happy to come!" 

Festival Photos

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