Bronwen Riley, In An Emperor's Footsteps

Bronwen Riley, In An Emperor's Footsteps

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An epic journey from Rome to Hadrian’s Wall at the empire’s northwestern frontier

In the year we celebrate Hadrian’s Wall 1900, we welcome Bronwen Riley for a Journey to Britannia, which Mary Beard called, “An artful combination of history, archaeology and the imagination.” It starts in Rome, the heart of a vast empire, under the rule of its most complex and compelling ruler, Hadrian. Faraway Britannia is one of his most troublesome provinces. What awaits the traveller to Britannia? How will you get there? What dangers lurk behind Hadrian’s new wall? Combining an extensive range of Greek and Latin sources with a sound understanding of archaeology, Riley describes an epic journey from Rome to Hadrian’s Wall at the empire’s northwestern frontier.

Bronwen Riley is a writer, lecturer and editor with a special interest in the Classical world and in Romania. As head of content and series editor of the revered Red Guides at English Heritage, Bronwen published more than 80 guidebooks. She has extensive knowledge of and insight into historic sites in Britain. She has published many articles about country houses, antiques, gardens, collections and heritage for publications such as Country Life, Gardens Illustrated and BBC History Magazine.

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