Alexandra Heminsley, One Family's Story

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Alexandra Heminsley, One Family's Story

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An open-hearted memoir challenging gender assumptions and exploring relationships

Alexandra Heminsley shares her experience of marriage to a man who transitioned, and her relationship with her own body. What does it mean to be a woman and live in a woman's body? Heminsley thought she knew, but having just resurfaced from fertility issues, childbirth and early parenthood, she learned that her then-husband was going to transition. Some Body to Love is Alex's open-hearted memoir about losing a partner but gaining a best friend, and together, bringing up a child in a changing world. It’s a deeply personal, vital manifesto that attempts to detonate assumptions around gender signifiers.  

Alexandra Heminsley is an author, ghostwriter, journalist, broadcaster and speaker. Her bestselling non-fiction work includes Running Like a Girl and Leap In, and her first novel, Under the Same Stars is out this year. She lives in Hove with her son, and proudly co-parents her LGBT+ family.

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