Susan Cartwright-Smith, Natural Inspirations

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Susan Cartwright-Smith, Natural Inspirations


Nature Inspired Poetry Workshop

This workshop asks, “How will your poet garden grow? What flourishes there, and what is kept buried?” Take this opportunity to speak the language of blossoms, the secrets you never dare whisper. And consider change: we curse the caterpillar and deride the dandelion but beatify the butterfly and make wishes on seed heads. What changes are we going to see and make? Let the Secret Garden of Tullie House and the hidden language of plants inspire you to write poetry with untold sub-rosa meanings (but don’t worry, we have a wet weather alternative!).

Susan Cartwright-Smith is the Gosling Sike writer in residence with Cumbria Wildlife Trust. She’s the author of Hairy Monsters and Nerdy Freaks. She has been published by Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Cumbria magazine, and in various other anthologies, and in publications by Caldew Press, the small press based in Carlisle she co-runs with Philip Hewitson.

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