One World Talk by Mike Berners-Lee

One World Talk by Mike Berners-Lee

Big people in a small world: How can humans thrive in the Anthropocene?

Borderlines 2018 sees the inaugural One World Talk, held in partnership with Carlisle One World Centre, this year to be delivered by Mike Berners Lee.

This talk will explore how mankind can thrive in an era which has seen such significant human impact on the Earth's geology and ecosystems, as well as climate change

Mike Berners-Lee thinks, writes, researches and consults on sustainability and responses to 21st century challenges.  He is a professor at Lancaster University’s Institute for Social Futures, where he develops practical tools for thinking about the future and researches the global food system. He is the founder of Small World Consulting (SWC), an associate company of Lancaster University, which works with organisations from tech giants to supermarkets.

His books How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint Of Everything, and The Burning Question, explore the topics of consumerism, global dynamics and climate change as well as the solutions required to deal with the problem.

Carlisle One World Centre is a local charity addressing global issues. It seeks to raise awareness of the interconnectedness of local and global issues, and how our actions  – as individuals, as communities and as a nation – affect the world


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