Peter Snow / Ann MacMillan

Peter Snow / Ann MacMillan

War Stories

Join Peter Snow and his wife Ann MacMillan as they tell us movingly about the lives of over thirty ordinary people swept up by the horror of war and caught up in most extreme ordeals. They will talk about some of those people  including Edward Seager in the Charge of the Light Brigade ,Madeleine de Lancey in the Battle of Waterloo and more recently, Ahmad Terkawi, a Syrian chemist, who have pushed the barriers of bravery, suffering and sheer terror.

Peter Snow is a journalist, author and broadcaster and was on Newsnight for almost twenty years. He has also covered military matters on and off the world's battlefields for forty years. He presented the BBC documentaries Battlefield Britain and The World's Greatest Twentieth Century Battlefields with his son Dan. He is the author of several books including To War with Wellington.

Ann MacMillan was born in Wales, the great granddaughter of David Lloyd George, and grew up in Canada where she worked for CHIN Radio, Global TV News in Toronto, CTV news in Montreal and London, and for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – from 1981 until 2013. Ann has been married to Peter for over 40 years and they have three children together. 

Find out more about Peter Snow in this Telegraph interview.

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