Peter Mortimer (Iron Press)

Peter Mortimer (Iron Press)


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Writing modern ghost stories

Are ghost stories stuck in the 19th and early 20th century? How does an author tackle the area in 2017?  Peter Mortimer and Eileen Jones, editors of Cold IRON - the 21st  Century Book of Ghost Stories (IRON Press), run a workshop designed to get those (modern) creative ghostly juices flowing.

Peter Mortimer is a poet, playwright, editor and traveller, based since 1970 on Tyneside. He is founder/editor of IRON Press (1973) and founder/director of Cloud Nine Theatre (1997), both highly active on the North East culture scene. More than two dozen plays have been produced and 15 books of poetry, fiction and errant journeyings published, but he promises to get it right eventually.

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