Peter Brears

Peter Brears

Traditional Food in Cumbria

Cumbria is rich in the geographical and occupational range of its traditional food. The independence of Cumbrian people, their attachment to their landscape and community life, and their openness to sea-borne trade have produced an unexpected richnessand variety of fare. Acclaimed food historian Peter Brears gives us a fascinating and detailed insight into the social history of the county through its food  throughout  the ages.

Peter Brears has researched and written several  works on the traditional food of Yorkshire, Northumbria and Shropshire and on the history of food from Tudor times to the present day. He is a former director of York’s Castle Museum and Leeds City museums. He has carried out research at many historic venues including Hampton Court Palace, Petworth and Harewood House. He advises and works for English Heritage, the National Trust and the Royal Palaces

Peter’s book was reviewed in the Cumberland News earlier this year.

“Peter Brears’s account of traditional food in Cumbria is far, far more than a compilation of wonderful (and less wonderful) old recipes, it is a detailed and extended social history of Cumbrian food.”
Stephen Matthews

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