Lucy Grace

Lucy Grace

Lucy, Lucy and me - A love letter to children's fantasy literature

Realising she is never going to follow Lucy Pevensie into Narnia, Lucy Grace searches for a new heroine. Perhaps CS Lewis’ god-daughter, Lucy Barfield, who was actually born in Carlisle, holds the key to another wardrobe? This is an intimate show about falling through the cracks and finding your way back, exploring the fragility between fantasy and reality, and is also a love letter to children’s fantasy literature.

Lucy Grace is a theatre maker specialising in intricate multi layered narratives that search for the transcendant in the mundane. As an actor she has performed in venues ranging from the Sydney Opera House to village halls, and now Carlisle Library! Her show  premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016 where it had a sell out run for three weeks.

This Guardian article gives more insight into the story behind Lucy, Lucy and me

*****“ This show will warm your heart but will also break it” Edinburgh Fringe Review

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