Judith Notley

Judith Notley

Judith Notley as Beatrix Potter

Actress Judith Notley takes on the role of Mrs Beatrix Heelis (nee Potter) and will  tell us  about her life and work. Please feel free to ask her about any aspect of her life and share in the unfolding Tale of Beatrix Potter as she responds to your questions.

After a career spanning acting, teaching and directing, Judith Notley became totally absorbed by a particular woman, whose own career was just as varied as her own: Beatrix Potter. She took part in a commissioned play about her a decade ago and researched her life following that. Judith now  works at the Old Laundry Theatre, Bowness, in her role as Beatrix Potter.


Judith Notley is actively involved with the Old Laundry Theatre at Bowness on Windermere ...

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