Alan Cleaver

Fairies, boggles, dobbies and wizards: Cumbrian folklore revealed

Nineteenth century  Cumbrian writer Robert Anderson warned that fairies and boggles were so malevolent, their haunts should be given a wide berth. But for the brave, Alan Cleaver reveals where to find them, what they look like and what to do if you meet a boggle, bloody redcap, freetnin or even 'old scrat' himself.

Author Alan Cleaver spends his time exploring lonnings, holy wells, corpse roads and other ancient sites in the search for Cumbria's 'unwritten' history: the ghost stories, fairy tales or its strange customs and traditions. His books cover all aspects of Cumbria's ancient past. Alan has been a working journalist all his life and lives in Whitehaven with his partner Lesley.

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