Susan Calman

Susan Calman

Cheer Up Love.

Susan Calman has depression and she’s not alone in that. Despite being one of the funniest women in the UK ,she has had her own black dog, the Crab of Hate, whispering in her ear since she can remember. And her answer? To talk about it. Certain that the world needs people with a more cynical outlook on life, the book is a celebration of what she, and if statistics are to be believed, one in four of us, go through daily. Cheer Up Love is a survivor’s guide to modern life on the dark side.

Glasgow-born ex-lawyer Susan Calman is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer. Susan is a regular on BBC Radio 4 programmes such as The News Quiz and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue as well as TV shows like QI and Have I Got News for You. She’s written three radio series including a sitcom. Her new tour, The Calman Before The Storm debuts at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe.

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