Anna Pavord

Anna Pavord

Landskipping: Painters, Ploughmen and Places

In this talk, Anna Pavord explores the different ways in which we have, through the ages, responded to the land. While painters painted it and writers wrote about it, an entirely different band of men, the agricultural improvers, published a series of remarkable commentaries on the land, looking at its usefulness as well as its beauty. Moving from the hills of West Dorset to the Highlands of Scotland, this book also explores personal responses to landscape, the meaning of roots and examines what we mean by a sense of place.

Anna Pavord’s books include her bestseller, The Tulip, The Naming of Names, and her most recent work, The Curious Gardener. She had a long running column in the Independent from the launch of the newspaper in 1986. She writes and presents programmes for BBC Radio 3 and 4 and served for ten years on the Gardens Panel of the National Trust, the last five as Chairman. For the last forty years she has lived in Dorset, England.

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